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Your Legacy Video

What the Process Involves

The process of creating your very own Legacy Video involves interview preparation, the filmed and guided interview, and April's post-production work.

Before the Interview

April will meet with you, the interviewee, along with anyone else you would like to be present, for a one-hour in-person consultation at the intended interview location. At this meeting, April will discuss with you the upcoming process, what to expect on interview day, the best place to film you, and will answer any questions you might have.

You will also be asked to fill out a specialized questionnaire illustrating the significant life experiences that you want covered. This questionnaire will assist April in crafting an outline of specialized questions to ask during the filmed interview, and therefore must be returned to April no later than seven days prior to the day the interview is scheduled. April will also provide you with a "Do's and Don'ts" of what to wear so you will feel confident in front of the video camera.

On the Day of the Interview

April will arrive on-site at an agreed upon time to set up the camera, sound and lighting, a process that takes approximately 45-minutes. After conducting the interview, she will then collect any photographs and/or documents to be included in the piece. The duration of your filming session, from April's arrival to her departure, will vary based on the options you choose: approximately 1.5 hours for a Slice of Life Video, 2.5 hours for an Heirloom-ography, 4.5 hours for a Solo Interview, or 7 hours for a Couple's Interview.

Video from the interview(s) will be captured in vibrant HD. Sound will be recorded via professional grade Sennheiser wireless microphones paired with Tascam audio capture technology. B-roll may also be captured depending on the subject matter of your stories and the scope of the project.

After Your Interview

April will lightly edit and touch up the color of your interview footage. This light edit includes the addition of screen text to clarify the spelling of names and places, chapter names or markers, and the listing of other pertinent names, dates and relevant historical information mentioned during the interview(s). You will be given the opportunity to review a proof and provide comments before final edits are made. Feedback is to be given to April by the client in one document and within ten days of receiving the proof (sent online by way of a private link).

If you have elected to add on to your Legacy Video a Legacy Montage, the stories and clips from your interview to be included in the short film will be selected during pre- and post- interview discussion between yourself and April.

Investing in a Legacy Video will ensure the resilience of your story. Furthermore, research indicates that the passing on of your family narrative makes families happier and healthier. We are human, and we are wired for story - let us help you tell yours.

Please contact us at R. Silverman Law Group to discuss how we may best assist you with all of your Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Probate, Real Estate, Business or related legal needs.


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